Diet Myths & Facts

We're a transparent company who knows the facts about healthy weight loss and weight loss maintenance and we want to share that information with you.

While there's no single, magic bullet to healthy, successful weight loss and maintenance, there are proven strategies which when combined, get you there and keep you there! If the ultimate goal is keeping the weight off, then choosing established dietary and lifestyle practices are a must…

The best place to look when separating weight loss fact from fiction is where scientific principles about healthy weight loss and weight loss maintenance live - those fundamentals which are founded in physiology, biology and chemistry. Go with what's been proven. Here's what science knows for sure:

Our bodies function through chemistry. We need to incorporate eating the right foods (nutritionally balanced = the right chemistry) in the right quantities, along with regular exercise in order to lose weight without sacrificing energy or muscle mass, and then to keep that weight off, modify those strategies to a maintenance level mode. Remember, at all times, nutritional balance is an essential part of healthy and successful weight loss and weight loss maintenance. It's not rocket science, but it is science!

“I need to eliminate carbs in order to lose weight.”
“All I have to do is cut my calories down to 500 per day and I'll lose weight and stay healthy.”
“If it tastes good, it must be bad for me.”
“No matter what I do, I can't lose weight.”
“It doesn't matter if I lose muscle – I just want to lose weight!”
FACT: Eating foods from only 1 food group or eliminating an entire food group, are both unhealthy approaches to weight loss, yet many people, mistakenly believe they are the way to go. When you follow the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan, you eat healthy, nutritionally balanced foods from all the food groups to successfully lose the weight and keep it off, without sacrificing health, muscle mass or energy.
FACT: Cutting calories down to a dangerous low is associated with serious medical risks. You'll rob your body of essential nutrients, cause your fuel supply to be sourced from muscle mass rather than fat stores, and potentially cause an imbalance in your metabolic rate. Even if you only do that for a very short time, the likelihood is almost guaranteed that you'll gain all the weight back once you resume a healthy calorie-per-day diet.
FACT: Unbelievably, this myth seems to perpetuate itself like a bad rumor, but it's simply not true! The ProtiLIfe® Weight Loss Plans include a host of inviting, delicious products, and sample menu options you and your family will love!
FACT: Everyone can lose weight with the right weight loss plan. While age, level of physical activity, and some medical conditions do play a role in the speed at which weight comes off, it's impossible to not lose weight with the right determination coupled with the right weight loss strategies.
FACT: It does indeed matter if you lose muscle. Muscle mass is where your energy lives. The body cannot store protein – it needs to be replenished constantly. Next to water, proteins are the most abundant molecules in our bodies. They operate in every body system. If you lose muscle when you lose weight, you lose a whole lot more than just weight.