Diet Myths & Facts
About the ProtiLife® weight loss plan
  1. What is the advantage of the ProtiLife® weight loss plan?
    ProtiLife® is a balanced, nutrient rich weight loss plan based on high protein, low fat and low sugar, allowing you to lose weight and lose fat, while maintaining muscle mass.
  2. How long can I stay on the ProtiLife® weight loss plan?
    You can stay on your ProtiLife® Weight Loss plan until you reach your goal weight. Once you have reached your goal, you'll proceed to the Transition Plan for 14 days, and then onto the Keep it Off! Maintenance Plan to ensure that you keep the weight off for good! For details, please click on ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plans.
  3. How much weight can I lose each week?
    During the first 2-week 'Kick-start' phase, you could lose up to 10 pounds! Then, until you reach your goal, you can expect a steady weight loss of 2 to 3 pounds per week. The rate of weight loss varies from one individual to another depending on gender, the amount of excess pounds, physical activity, age, metabolism, and hormones.
  4. How does the ProtiLife® Plan work?
    The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan consists of high protein supplements - 16 grams of protein per serving - which helps you lose weight and lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. These supplements are low in carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats), and contain vitamins and minerals that contribute to the process of healthy weight loss. ProtiLife® supplements come in the form of delicious ready-to-eat bars, shakes, and hot chocolate and easy-to-prepare soups and oatmeal mixes. Combined with our nutritious and delicious meal plans which include fresh fruits, vegetables and an extensive list of freshly prepared foods, the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan is designed for life-long success.
  5. Are there cases where the ProtiLife® Weight Loss plans won't work?
    Our weight loss plans are practically infallible, unless of course, you don't follow the recommended plan. For maximum results, it is important to stick to your ProtiLife® meal plan, eat the recommended nutritional supplements and foods as well as engage in physical activity. Visit the Weight Loss Plans section of the ProtiLife® website and choose the plan that's right for you.
  6. Can I just take the ProtiLife® supplements and not eat anything else?
    No. In order to receive all of your daily nutritional requirements, ProtiLife® products should not be your sole source of food. The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan combines ProtiLife® protein supplements with foods that you prepare at each meal for safe, healthy weight loss.
  7. Once the diet has ended, could I gain back the lost weight?
    Once you have reached your goal weight, it is important that you do not to go back to unbalanced eating habits. That's why, after following the Slim-down® meal plan, it is important to proceed to the 2 week Transition meal plan and then the Keep it Off! Maintenance Plan, so that you could gradually re-introduce previously restricted foods in a healthy, balanced way. Your ProtiLife® plan will provide you with all the tips and tools you need to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.
  8. Is it recommended to take vitamin supplements with ProtiLife®?
    Our products already contain everything necessary for vitamin intake. However, it is always best to consult your health care professional.
  9. Is it necessary to exercise during the diet?
    Exercise is recommended during the plan as it is an essential part of maintaining good health. Exercising is always recommended. You can maximize your weight loss results with regular physical activity that speeds up your metabolism and burn calories. We recommend a minimum of three 20-minute exercise sessions per week. This can include walking, a sport or any form of fitness training that promotes weight loss while preserving your muscle strength. **Always consult a physician before starting a diet or exercise plan.
  10. Am I going to feel hungry or lack energy while on the ProtiLife® plan?
    All ProtiLife® products are developed with high biological value proteins and fortified with vitamins and minerals. They supply your body with its daily requirements so that it doesn't have to dip into its reserves. In addition, the high quality protein affects your metabolism as a natural hunger suppressant, so you should not feel fatigued or hungry.
  11. What type of protein is used in ProtiLife® products?
    ProtiLife®'s formulations come mainly from the extraction and concentration of milk proteins - undoubtedly the most complete of all, with 22 essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein-rich foods of animal origin are meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk and its derivatives, while protein-rich foods of plant origin are cereals and legumes such as soya beans, lentils, beans, flageolets, chickpeas, split peas and others. Plant proteins are often of lesser quality and effectiveness than animal proteins because they are less complete in terms of essential amino acids.
ProtiLife® and health
  1. Can I follow the plan regardless of my age?
    It is always advised to seek the endorsement of your doctor before beginning any new diet plan or plan. While there are no known risks to people in good health following the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan, we do not recommend it for those younger than 18 or those over 65 as people in those age groups generally have specific dietary needs according to those age groups.
  2. Can I follow the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan if I suffer from Type II Diabetes?
    Our nutritional supplements and weight loss plans are not intended to meet the needs of individuals living with diabetes. If you are an individual living with diabetes, you should participate in a ProtiLife® plan only with the expressed consent of and monitoring by your physician.
  3. Can I follow the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan when pregnant or nursing?
    No, it is not advisable to follow the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan when pregnant or nursing.
  4. Can I follow the plan if I'm premenopausal or in menopause?
    Yes. This phase of a woman's life is often accompanied by significant physical changes including weight gain and softening and loss of muscle tone. What's more, it is often accompanied by sudden cravings or a bigger appetite. The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan may help to minimize physical changes, helping you to lose weight and firm muscle tissue. In addition, proteins may help decrease your cravings, help increase blood circulation, reduce hot flashes and thus may also minimize mood swings and irritability.
  5. I have some food allergies. How do I know if I can consume ProtiLife® Products?
    As a first step, consult the list of ingredients in the Products section of the site. Since every allergy is unique and different in intensity, we recommend that you consult your physician before consuming ProtiLife® products.
  6. Is it dangerous to consume too much protein?
    The ProtiLife® weight loss plan provides a balanced quantity of protein per day and may be consumed safely. It is important to follow the recommended portions as outlined in the ProtiLife plan.
  7. Can the ProtiLife® Weight Loss products be dangerous for my health?
    The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan is well balanced for good health, and is for those who are in good health to start with. Always consult a physician before starting any weight loss plan.
  8. Can I follow the ProtiLife® plan while I try to quit smoking?
    Yes, there is no problem to combine both. ProtiLife® products may help to prevent the weight gain, often associated with quitting smoking.
ProtiLife® products and the ProtiLife® weight loss plan
  1. Can I consume ProtiLife® products as part of a breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack without following the ProtiLife weight loss plan?
    Yes, ProtiLife® products can be used as nutritional supplements to complement a healthy meal plan.
  2. I am already consuming products with protein. Is ProtiLife® comparable?
    All products with proteins are different. ProtiLife® products are nutritional protein supplements in which the quality of protein is of high biological value (rich in essential amino acids), with additional vitamins and minerals. They are not designed to replace a meal but to supplement it.
  3. What is the composition of the products?
    The products are all composed of 16 grams of protein. They contain 160 to 170 calories, 12 to 18 grams of carbohydrates (of this amount, there are 1 to 11 grams of simple sugars the remainder of fibre and complex carbohydrates) and 3 to 6 grams of fat.
Where to buy your ProtiLife® products

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Permitted & restricted foods on the ProtiLife® plan
  1. Are there foods that I cannot eat while on the ProtiLife® plan?
    Yes, during the plan there are some restricted foods and beverages. However, these foods are gradually re-introduced during the course of the plan and eventually you can eat anything, in moderation. A full list of permitted and restricted foods are provided to you as part of your QuickLoss or Slim-down plan
  2. When can I reintroduce foods that are not included in the lists of food in the menu plan?
    Foods that are restricted on the QuickLoss or Slim-down plan can be reintroduced once you reach you goal weight. Some of these foods are reintroduced during the Transition plan and others once you reach the Keep it Off! Maintenance phase of the plan.
  3. Why are some fruits and vegetables excluded from the list of permitted foods?
    The guideline for restricting certain foods is based on the amount of sugar or fat that a food may contain, even in a fruit or vegetable.
  4. Why are some vegetables such as carrots not allowed during the diet?
    Carrots (like many of the other vegetables that are restricted) are too rich in carbohydrates (sugar). Vegetables in the plan that are permitted during the slim-down phase have been carefully chosen to optimize weight loss.
  5. Why are whole wheat breads, pastas and other grains only allowed on the weekend plan during the Slim-down phase?
    The ProtiLife® plan is designed to limit carbohydrates to under 100 grams per day in order to maintain equilibrium in the pancreas and to help the body use energy from fat instead of muscle. During the Slim-down phase, whole grains are restricted during the Weekday plan but are permitted as part of the weekend menu plan in order to get you habituated to eating these foods in the right quantities, at optimal times of the day.
  6. Can I drink Alcohol on the ProtiLife® weight loss plan?
    The use of alcohol should be restricted during the Slim-down phase and Transition phases of the plan, but can be reintroduced during the Keep it Off! Maintenance plan. Once on the Keep it off! Maintenance plan, alcohol should be limited to a maximum of 1-2 glasses of wine per day, or up to 7 glasses of wine or 4 glasses of beer / hard alcohol per week. Mixed drinks, as they are very high in sugar and calories, should only be consumed on an occasional basis.
  7. With ProtiLife® shakes, can I replace the low fat milk with soy milk or sugar-free/fat-free almond milk?
  8. Can I use sea salt?
    Yes, no problem. However, do not exceed a maximum of ½ teaspoon of added salt per day.
  9. I like to cook. Is it possible to enhance the ProtiLife® products?
    You can certainly continue your talents as great chef while on the ProtiLife® plan. ProtiLife® products can be enhanced with herbs, spices and seasonings, added vegetables, or prepared as part of great tasting recipes. The only requirement is to follow the list of permitted & restricted foods and the menu plan outlined on the plan. Want some suggestions? We have great recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the recipe section of the ProtiLife® website.
  10. Can I skip breakfast?
    Skipping meals should be avoided. During the hour after you awaken, your metabolism operates at its greatest intensity and burns what you have eaten more efficiently. A balanced, protein-packed breakfast helps counter late morning and late afternoon hunger.
  11. Will I lose weight even if I consume more ProtiLife® products than indicated in plan?
    The energy that ProtiLife® products provide comes from proteins and cannot be stored since the body is unable to store protein. It is for this reason that we need to consume protein every day. For uncontrollable cravings, it is preferable to go for a ProtiLife® product than for products filled with fats and sugar. One or two products in excess on occasion may temporarily slow down your weight loss, but should still not jeopardize your long term results. Keep in mind not to consume more than 1 ProtiLife® bar per day.
Potential side effects when starting the ProtiLife® plan
  1. Is it common to get headaches?
    Some people could experience headaches during the first three days of the diet. However, they should soon disappear completely. Taking an analgesic will not affect your diet. If headaches persist or are of concern to you, please consult your physician.
  2. What if l feel fatigue, nauseous or dizzy?
    These symptoms often occur during the first few days of a weight loss plan due to changes in consumption of salt, sugar or calories. If these symptoms persist or are of concern to you, please consult your physician.
  3. Will I be constipated?
    Because your intestines contain less food, it's normal that they operate at a slower pace. Drink lots of water and consume a lot of vegetables in group 3 (unlimited vegetables) found in the guide of your weight loss plan. Don't hesitate to consult your pharmacist if constipation persists for more than two days.