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ProtiLife® Weight Loss Products

The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan

ProtiLife® is a healthy, nutritionally balanced weight loss program, scientifically designed to help you lose unwanted weight and keep it off for life! Yes, for life!

Other diet programs promote weight loss to grab your attention, but abandon you once you reach your weight loss goal. Isn't keeping the weight off part of your goal? At ProtiLife®, we think so, and we won't abandon you!

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Great tasting! High in protein! High in essential amino acids! Low in sugar! High in vitamins and minerals! Low in fat! Filling and satisfying!  Convenient!

Backed by Science

Say goodbye to diets which compromise your precious muscle mass and energy, and say hello to The ProtiLife® HEALTHY Weight Loss Plan for life - your life! It's exciting!

You have enough to take care of in your busy schedule without having to master learning the science of balanced nutrition. We've got you covered! In fact, The ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan incorporates over 20 YEARS of research in nutrition. We don't mess around with the facts - we're committed to quality, safety, healthy and permanent weight loss!

It's been medically proven that a diet rich in protein (essential for the preservation of muscle mass and energy) and amino acids (the building blocks of protein), is key to healthy weight loss and weight loss maintenance. When combined with regular exercise, a diet fortified with protein and amino acids greatly helps speed up the weight loss process.

How the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plan Works

You'll eat delicious, high-protein and nutritionally balanced ProtiLife® products throughout the day, accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables, and enjoy full-course balanced dinners every evening!

Along the way, as the weight comes off, you'll gradually replace your breakfast and lunch time ProtiLife® meal supplements, with healthy, full- course breakfasts and lunches, continuing on with your healthy dinners as before. Of course, you'll still benefit from ProtiLife® protein supplements as between-meal snacks to help keep you feeling fully satisfied and energized as you stay fit, healthy and forever SEXY! Your success is our success - see what our customers have to say!

Regardless of how much weight you wish to lose - whether dropping a dress size or two is your goal or a bunch more than that, the ProtiLife® Weight Loss Plans will help you get there, starting today!

Lose Weight - Tastefully

Our extensive research & development team includes nutritionists, dieticians, professional advisors, committed to producing our line of healthy weight loss products without EVER sacrificing great taste! We're constantly at work in our own state-of-the-art research lab developing new weight loss products which are both nutritious and delicious – to keep you on track without feeling treat-deprived. Even die-hard chocolate lovers feel right at home enjoying rich, chocolaty, low-cal treats from our delicious dessert choices! Choose from our inviting selection of ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare products including bars, shakes, drinks, soups and oatmeal mixes. Check out our healthy sample menus and see for yourself that you can lose weight without feeling hungry and without sacrificing variety or great taste! Our convenient Store Locator Tool makes it a snap to find out where to buy your favorite selections of ProtiLife® Weight Loss Products. Stock up so you never run out, and stay on track toward a healthier, sexier you!

ProtiLife® Versus Other Plans

How does someone who is eager to begin a weight loss program know which is one best?
The answer is simple, when you compare!


ProtiLife® Weight Loss Program

ProtiLife® high-protein supplements, when combined with the ProtiLife® Weight Loss or Maintenance Program provides a healthy, well balanced diet, complete with the vitamins and essential nutrients from each of the food groups!
The ProtiLife® Program uses fresh foods to complement the protein supplements. There are no dehydrated, de-oxygenated or chemically induced food replacements!
During the program, ProtiLife® supplements are gradually reduced to 2 per day, replaced with fresh, balanced, home-made meals that are equally nutrient-rich, balanced and healthy!
With ProtiLife®, there's no counting, no points, no calculations - just healthy nutrition based on simple science!
At ProtiLife®, there are NO club membership fees! We're here to support you – today, tomorrow and always, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Other Programs

Many programs are nutrient-imbalanced, eliminating certain food groups and lacking in essential nutrients…
Many protein supplements contain high fat proteins and are high in sugar…
Many programs make you rely on their monthly food deliveries in order for you to reach and maintain your desired weight. Whether they are shipping fresh or dehydrated foods, they are not teaching you to gradually replace their product or supplement with home-prepared foods. You need to stay on their program forever if you want to keep the weight off. This is expensive and weight loss cannot be sustained long term…
Dehydrated or de-oxygenated foods often lose their nutrient value during processing…
Many diet products and plans lack the required amount of protein to maintain muscle mass while losing weight. The result? Flabby, droopy skin due to muscle loss…
Membership-driven programs with monthly fees become very expensive, very quickly! We believe that you need a partner who will help you become self-reliant in your success, not an added and ongoing expense...