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With a meal plan and weight-loss products, ProtiLife helps you reach a healthy weight and maintain it. Besides making it easier for you to take responsibility for your progress toward a healthier lifestyle, ProtiLife offers an approach that’s easy to implement every day, thanks to a mobile app and a full range of products available at numerous outlets located throughout the province.


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ProtiLife weight loss program

The ProtiLife high-protein program

Did you know that a healthy diet is the first step toward weight loss, even before you add physical exercise to your routine? To help you lose weight, ProtiLife gets you started on an easy-to-use program that lets you integrate ProtiLife products, as well as other healthy foods, into your eating habits, while taking all your daily nutritional needs into account.

About the ProtiLife program

Healthy  •  Nutritious  •  Delicious

We know it’s not always easy to integrate healthy eating habits into your routine. That’s why our products are not only high in protein, but have also been formulated to taste absolutely delicious! As a result, it’s easy to include them in your diet every day. You can choose from our breakfasts, meals, snacks and convenience foods.

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Thousands of people have already used the ProtiLife method. Thanks to ProtiLife high-protein products, a healthy diet and lifestyle are now within reach. Share your experience today with hundreds of other users.

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