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An easy to use weight-loss tool

Here is a fun and easy way to lose weight. ProtiLife put up a tool that let your track your progression towards a healthy lifestyle. Wether you are on mobile, tablet or laptop, you can input your meals and weight and see your figure improve every day.

Step 1

Complete your profile

Specify your height, your current weight, and your desired weight.

Once your profile is completed, specify the date you wish to start the slimming protein program.

Step 2

My daily plan

Follow your plan on a daily basis using your smart phone, your tablet or your computer.

Every day, you may consult our suggested menus and allowed food groups to accompany your diet.

Step 3

Congratulations, you reached your ideal body figure!

You achieved your initial goal? Complete the program with the 5 days transitional plan and finish on a good note by following ProtiLife’s tips and suggestions to maintain your achievement.

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